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Medieval Fair of Salir

In the Summer the region has a fair number of “medieval fairs”. Most of them are too popular. Parking at a walking distance may be a problem, and the crowd is just too dense. But there is one event in Salir which we do like to attend. It’s not too crowded but it’s good enough. There are historical reenactments, food is available, street artists are hired, there are exhibits, interesting products – like natural teas, quality handcraft, home made cookies – are sold.

It’s usually great fun there. Going early enough guarantees easy parking not far from the event gates. You can explore around while there is sunlight, enjoy the sunset and wander in the old narrow streets of the village. The place has been inhabited for a long time. There are traces of the Moorish fortifications, replaced by the Christian castle after the Reconquista. Old ladies will look at you, used to this temporary invasion of visitors.

When you feel like eating, find your spot… food will be traditional, some would say, medieval. And the variety is immense.  Drink a sangria with a baked chouriço, try the local cheeses, enjoy the freshly baked bread.

When you feel satisfied move along, take a look at the trained prey birds, walk around the Moorish camp, take a peak in the tends, observe the old tools, feel the atmosphere.

Don’t miss the reenactments, the medieval tournament being the main thing. Probably you saw better, but all together an evening in the medieval fair of Salir is usually a very pleasant experience.

The fair takes place around the 10th of July. Check with us if you are interested. Salir is a 30 minutes drive from our villa, towards northwest.

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About Ricardo and Laura

We are together since 1997, when Ricardo moved from Lisbon to establish himself in Algarve. Back in those times we lived in a small villa not far from Almancil, about 15 km from Casa do Sonho. Then we sold that property and bought the current villa. After a couple years living here we decided to move again.

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